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What we’re all about.


New York Writers Workshop
is an alliance of experienced, professional writers
of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, plays and screenplays
who live and teach in New York City.
Our Mission
is to serve a growing community of aspiring writers
with workshops that teach craft, foster creativity, and enable writers,
no matter their background or experience,
to achieve their full writing potential.

As working writers teaching writing classes:

  • We nurture and encourage not only aspiring writers but also established writers who seek motivation and direction.
  • We mentor, consult, and travel.
  • We offer a wide range of courses on beginning, intermediate and advanced levels in various disciplines, including short fiction, the novel, poetry, non-fiction, memoir, screenplay and playwriting.
  • We offer a unique opportunity for students to hone their craft and sharpen their communication skills, and also to learn from professional writers about how to get work published or performed.
  • We are dedicated to public service, and we engage in regular community outreach activities.


Our History

New York Writers Workshop formed in 2000, just in time for the new millennium.  We taught in basements, in studios, in private homes, and in temporary classrooms before becoming the house program at the JCC of Manhattan.  We’ve grown from a nucleus of eleven founders to a team of over forty writer/instructors.  And we’ve branched out from the Lower East Side and the Upper West Side to Europe and the Far East.  We even have our name on t-shirts (you should get one).


In our eleven years, we’ve guided so many students from their first exercises in poetry, fiction, play and screen writing, and non-fiction, to higher and higher levels, including publication.  We’ve published a textbook (The Portable MFA in Creative Writing), and we host four conferences a year that put writers of fiction and non-fiction in front of editors from big commercial houses and independent presses.  We are coming soon to a continent near you.

Our Team

Tim Tomlinson, President

Jon Kravetz, Vice-President

Charles Salzberg, Officer

Kaylie Jones, Officer

Dianne Conjeaud, Treasurer