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"Charles Salzberg’s was the single best writing course I’ve ever experienced. He provided just the right amount of support and constructive criticism. I left each session with ideas to improve my piece."

Lauren Weisberger,

author of The Devil Wears Prada, developed in Charles Salzberg’s workshop


"Maureen Brady provides an environment that is equal parts nurturing and challenging. Her attention to detail, five-star copy editing, and genuine enthusiasm for the written word have me coming back to her workshops year after year. Without her involvement, I doubt I would be awaiting publication in 2012!"

Janet Goss, author of Off The Grid, forthcoming New American Library, 2012

"Laura Zinn Fromm is an inspiring, erudite teacher. She clearly loves books and stories and the written word. Laura provided our classes with a range of assigned readings which stretched our boundaries, tickled our funny bones and led us beyond our comfort levels. We saw and heard (because we often read aloud) what a great story should feel like. With regard to writing our own stories, I feel that I am at an entirely different level than when I began. My classmates all liked and respected Laura and it was pleasant and simple to follow her clear and empathetic rules for giving each other feedback. In addition, Laura was very generous with her time, meeting one-on-one with all of us. She was encouraging and realistic at the same time.

Morleen Novitt

"Jonathan Kravetz was everything that a writing teacher should be: thoughtful, organized, sensitive when imparting criticism, but also willing to be honest and push students to achieve new levels in their work. He always tried to honor each creative voice. His introductory lecture on the rules of successful story development is alone worth the price of admission!"


"I took Allison Estes’s class knowing very little about children’s book writing, but in eight weeks she gave me the foundation to write books for all ages. Allison knows how to inspire and when to offer analytical critiques. I finished two full-length children’s novels in her workshops, and even when classes were over she continued to help me. She must be one of the best children’s book teachers in the city."

James M. McGrath

"Mary Stewart Hammond is a truly empowering teacher whose insights are magical, whose passion for the right word, discerning eye for even the smallest details, respect for the creative process, compassion for our frailties and celebration of our strengths, unfailingly inspire us to reach higher."

Joe Bacal

"I took Marci Alboher’s class after completing my masters degree in journalism, when I was struggling to find work as a freelance writer. Marci’s sharp, detailed editing proved invaluable, as did the contacts she was willing to share with me. As a result of my experience in Marci’s class, I am now a regular freelance writer for the Financial Times. I am so grateful to Marci, and highly recommend her class to both beginning and seasoned writers."

Pamela Ryckman

"This summer I took a short story writing class with Jonathan Kravetz called “Getting Started.” It was a wonderful experience for me. Jonathan gave me positive and insightful feedback on my writing. Also his excellent advice on technical issues single handedly cured my adverb tic and alleviated my alliteration affliction a bit. I started the workshop not considering myself a writer, but thanks to Jonathan I now do."

Barbara Gorman

"Charles Salzberg is a wizard–inspiring, gentle and brilliant with organizational strategy. He gave me the jump start I needed to begin writing fiction, and now I have one novel in hardcover that will soon be a paperback, with a contract for two more books. I’m now running a NYWW workshop myself, but I consider my participation in Charles’s workshop to be an invaluable part of my writing process."

Sally Koslow, author of Little Pink Slips

"Sally Koslow’s course for women (Writing About Women) is only six sessions long so far, but it’s already unleashed startling good prose—raw and true and sometimes funny memories tuned into hot memoir material, for sure. We are both new and very experienced writers in this class but we have all been inspired to tell our stories. Sometimes, there’s pain involved but that’s part of the goodness of the sessions. We can’t wait to see what’s coming next!"

Sherry Suib Cohen

"Marci’s class is fantastic not only because she knows the ins and outs of freelancing, but also because she is a patient, encouraging and experienced instructor for writers of all levels, from first-timers to those who are already established."

Harlan Protass

"The workshop on Creating Children’s Fiction has exceeded my expectations. The detailed information on the different fiction categories for different age groups has been invaluable, and the guidance regarding the creation of both narrative and dialogue has been superb. Most of all, the constructive and encouraging feedback that I have received has allowed me to polish and refine my individual project in a manner that I could not have imagined when I began writing it. I highly recommend this class to anyone with an interest in children’s fiction."

Jane Tear

"I have never studied with a more gifted teacher than Mary Stewart Hammond…her guidance and critiques, always so insightful, so clear…her encouragement has empowered me…"

Benjamin Kukoff

"Jonathan Kravetz’s class was great. His workshop helped me see problems in my fiction that I would never have seen on my own, and was a real help in fixing them."

Louis Wittig

"Marci is a fantastic coach and teacher. Not only did she give me all the information I needed for starting a freelance career, but she freely offered me the one thing I needed the most: encouragement. As a former reporter, I had quit my day job to work full-time on my creative writing, and was hesitant—after so many years—about dipping my toes into the world of freelance writing. Marci gave me the courage I needed to take the plunge, and I will be forever grateful."

Shell Fischer

"Two years ago I registered for Allison Estes’ class at NYWW by mistake! And it was the best mistake I have ever made. I have repeated Allison’s class on several occasions, and each time I have learned to apply new lessons and energy to my writing attempts. The title of the class was Creating Children’s Fiction but the basic precepts which Ms. Estes teaches turned out to be universal and essential for any type of writing. She is a perceptive and direct teacher, who has a long list of published works, and she brings her own professional talents and experience to her teaching. She reads or listens to a piece of writing and defines the core of its direction or meaning with clear but kind suggestions and examples. My experience has encouraged me to continue to write and finish a long piece.

Florence Herriot

"I have taken several sessions of Charles Salzberg’s “Works in Progress” writing courses. I have never had a better teacher. His sensitivity and insight into each participant’s needs as a writer, the depth of knowledge and experience he brings to his comments, his professionalism, ability to communicate with each participant clearly, yet tactfully and persuasively — all these qualities are remarkable. Charles has an apparently inexhaustible willingness to help not only in recognizing and solving writing problems but in carrying through the individual’s work to publication."

Julia Scully

"Anyone who has read Out Of Canaan would relish the opportunity to study with Mary Stewart Hammond. But who could guess that she would combine the ability to write such a book with the gift for teaching poetry. How does she do it? Maybe it’s her attention to the craft and line by line editing. Maybe it’s her quick grasp of what the student is trying to say even when the poem is not quite there yet. Certainly it’s her creation of a “safe” environment. I do know that she gets results. Her students grow. And publish. And keep coming back. What more could you ask for?

Betsy Harrington

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