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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


    • Do you have online courses?

As of Fall 2011, no, but online courses are under consideration and should soon be available.  Please check back.

    • Who attends New York Writers Workshop workshops?

Everyone, from the age of 16 (so far, that’s the youngest), to octogenarians who stop counting at 80.  We pull in people from all five NYC boroughs, as well as areas of Long Island, Westchester and Putnam Counties, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

    • Who attends New York Writers Workshop conferences?

People from all over the country (Michigan, California, Oklahoma, Nevada, Virginia), and all over the world (Canada, the UK, Germany, Nepal, Australia), have attended our Non-Fiction Pitch and our Perfect Pitch Fiction Conferences.   We’ve had university students, university professors, university drop-outs.  One attendee celebrated her 19th birthday with us.  Many retirees attend as well.  The only requirement is a manuscript that we think might be of some interest to publishers.

    • Who attends the free workshops New York Writers Workshop offers at the New York Public Library?

Everyone who can afford them (that’s a line I developed in one of our humor workshops), and whoever signs up first.  We maintain waiting lists, and we try to accommodate everyone interested, but these workshops are popular and fill early.

    • What levels do you teach?

We have courses for people who’ve never written anything, and we have courses for people who’ve published books, articles, stories, poems, and we have courses for writers in between those stages.  Each Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer roster includes at least one workshop at each level.

    • Do you offer scholarships?

In cases of demonstrated need, we make every effort to make our services available.

    • Do you do any community outreach?

One of our proudest accomplishments is the ongoing series of workshops we offer for free at various branches of the New York Public Library.  We hope to reach out further, into schools, prisons, hospitals, homes for the elderly, police precincts, and in particular to veterans’ groups.  Any suggestions, please contact us (newyorkwritersworkshop@gmail.com).

    • Do you ever teach outside New York City?

As much as we can.  We’ve consulted in Singapore, run workshops in Thailand, the Philippines, Italy, Kansas, upstate New York, and Connecticut.  Again, any suggestions, please contact us (newyorkwritersworkshop@gmail.com).