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Books Sold!

"Draws the reader in like metal shavings to a magnet." That's what New York Journal of Books said about this novel - it was picked up by Atra/Simon & Schuster!

Rashad Harrison, Perfect Pitch Ficton Conference

PITCH: "Our Man in the Dark"

RESULT: Published November 15, 2011


"The Non-Fiction Pitch Conference was an invaluable experience. It provided me with the tools and support I needed to get published. I can’t thank the folks who put it together enough."

John Monahan, Non-Ficton Pitch Conference

PITCH: "They Called Me Mad: Genius, Madness, and the Scientists Who Pushed the Outer Limits of Knowledge"

RESULT: Published by Berkley Books in December 2010.


"My novel, "Act of Grace", will be published Feb 2011 by independent publisher Plenary Publishing. It is thanks in part to your excellent advice both in the individual consultation you provided (some of the best money I ever spent) and from doing the pitch sessions in New York that I was able to achieve this opportunity".

Karen Simpson, Fiction Pitch Conference


"Working with the fabulous super-star editor and author Sally Koslow has been a dream come true! I would have NEVER landed a book deal without the workshop in general and Sally in particular. Sally lent me her expertise, talent and insider knowledge of the publishing world in my relentless pursuit of realizing my potential as a published author. Sally has been with me every step of the way, keeping up with me over the years and made landing a book deal become a reality! I am eternally grateful to her!"

Lisa Baron

PITCH: My Burning Bush: How One Woman’s Career in Christian Politics Went Up in Flames

RESULT: Published in 2011.


"I had a good idea for a book on juvenile justice and a ready-made platform, but my proposal lacked focus and clarity. Richard Goodman’s keen analysis and the suggestions of the fine students in the class sharpened my thoughts. I sold the proposal to Kaplan Publishing Company for a nice advance.

Judge Irene Sullivan

PITCH: Raised by the Courts: One Judge’s Insight into Juvenile Justice

RESULT: Published by Kaplan Publishing in November 2010.

Attendee Buzz!

"The best conference I’ve ever attended."


"The opportunity to pitch our work to editors of major publishing houses was a once in a lifetime experience. Just terrific!"


"The conference was well worth the time and money. It was a fabulous experience."


"The conference met and surpassed expectations."


"I received great advice regarding my pitch. It was condensed but said much more."


"I needed to be able to locate the “gold nugget” in my manuscript and you helped me find that."


"Loved the format. Very comfortable from the start."


"I will forever be glad I came to this."


We’re pleased to have a roster of highly respected literary agents who appear on our conference panels, including the ones shown below (with links to their websites where you can learn more about them and the kinds of books they specialize in). Specific participants will be announced in advance of each conference.


  • STEPHEN BARR I spent the first 21 years of my life in Southern California, and the only thing I really knew about publishing before I moved to New York City was Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of Terry Crabtree in Wonder Boys—he’s an editor, and he flies into Pittsburgh (wearing a big, comfy looking east coast coat) to coax a second novel out of his troubled but probably brilliant author, and then come the hijinks. That sounded pretty swell to me, so I read Wonder Boys on the flight over to New York, and over the course of six or seven months of interviews and internships, I realized that I still wanted the coat and the authors, but would be more comfortable playing the role (so to speak) of their agent (though editing is perhaps my favorite thing in the whole wide world, and I work very closely with my clients to polish and perfect their manuscripts before and after submission). I landed at Writers House in 2008, became its biggest fan about four seconds later, started taking on my own clients in 2010 (I represent a pretty broad spectrum of adult and children’s titles, including picture books, middle grade, young adult, memoir, literary fiction, graphic novels, and some bizarre, unclassifiable stuff) and just got my coat back from the dry cleaner.
  • WILLIAM CALLAHAN    William Callahan, an agent at Inkwell Management, attended Fordham University and the University of Iowa. He has edited and published a zine of short fiction, edited crosswords, and is the writer for, and co-founder of, the New York-based Three Sciences Productions, a theatre group whose plays have been performed at the Ontological-Hysteric Theatre, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and The Tank, among others. He is interested in a similarly wide range of fiction and non-fiction. He is also very interested in innovative presentations and formats for books. He would like to represent a cookbook of recipes you can execute in your bedroom.
  • JOHN CUSICK John Cusick is an agent with Greenhouse Literary, representing picture books, middle-grade, and young adult novels. He is the author of GIRL PARTS and CHERRY MONEY BABY (Candlewick Press), as well as managing fiction editor at Armchair/Shotgun, a literary magazine. He is a regular speaker at writers’ conferences, and keeps a blog at www.JohnMCusick.com. You can also find him on twitter: @johnmcusick. He lives in Brooklyn.
  • B.G. DILWORTH   With over 20 years of experience as a New York-based literary agent, B.G. Dilworth represents a broad range of mid-list and bestselling authors in the fields of history, memoir and biography, health and fitness, true crime, business, economics, pop culture, and cooking. B.G. works closely with his clients in the creation and sale of their projects, offering advice on book conception and organization; editorial assessment; image and brand management; co-writer selection; marketing asset development; rights licensing; and contract negotiations. Before founding his own agency, B.G. Dilworth was a senior literary agent with a 15-year tenure at Authors and Artists Group, one of New York City’s premier boutique literary agencies.
  • SCOTT GOULD     Scott Gould is a literary agent at RLR Associates Ltd. in Manhattan, a boutique agency founded nearly 30 years ago, where he oversees all book development within the firm. Scott began his career in the editorial department of Playboy Magazine and later in publicity at Tor/Forge. At RLR, he represents both commercial and literary fiction, as well as general audience nonfiction. Scott is a graduate of New York University, where he received a BA in English and American Literature.
  • LISA GRUBKA Lisa Grubka spent a decade first at the William Morris Agency and then Foundry Literary + Media, before joining Fletcher and Co. in 2012. Lisa works with a broad variety of authors, from debut novelists to Food Network stars, and has represented several New York Times bestsellers. She represents and is looking for both fiction (literary, upmarket women’s, and young adult) and non-fiction (narrative, food, science, and more). She takes a very hands-on approach in working with her authors, and is a thorough editor, ensuring the best possible proposal or manuscript. She works closely with her authors every step of the way, and takes pleasure in matchmaking her authors with the right publishing home. She began her career at Farrar, Straus and Giroux and is a graduate of the University of Michigan.
  • PATRICK KENNEDY A partner at the Second Sight Literary Agency, Patrick Kennedy specializes in nonfiction and memoir projects. He was trained at Johns Hopkins (Phi Beta Kappa BA 2008, Writing Seminars MFA 2010) and McGill University (English Research MA 2011), and began his career as an education journalist and university professor. Patrick’s Second Sight clients include experts in fitness, the performing arts, pet care, and international politics, as well as select authors in suspense, romance, and literary fiction. He is presently interested in signing memoir and autobiographical projects (all age levels) and instructional books (particularly cooking, career advice, and self-help).